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Patient Zero(A.K.A. Dr. Ivan) is the one zombie you will see in Origins in a orange lab coat and is a b**ch to kill...

Killing himEdit

To kill Patient Zero it usualy takes 1-2 full clips of AK/M4A1 like guns to the head.

When you kill Patient Zero there are one of two things that could happen:

He just dies and you loot his body.

  • 30% GPS
  • 80% Map
  • 60% Tool Box
  • 60% Entrentching Tool

His body dissapears. When his body disapears the zombies around you may dissapear, this is because there is a chance that he has the "cure" for the zombie infection. It is not comfirmed how long this lasts but if you are farming zombies and you want them back.... just relog.

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